COVID-19 art display in Decatur aims to send a message


DECATUR, Ala – If you drive down Ferry Street in Decatur you’ll see plenty of historic houses and eventually you might see an interesting Halloween-like art display.

Steven Harris was digging through his Halloween decorations when an idea hit him.

Harris decided to go with a COVID-19 theme. From a window you can now see two full skeletons holding a few face masks. The front door reads, “Wear a mask! They didn’t.”

“I would say, yes it is morbid. Because it’s morbid what our country is going through. We have innocent people dying because people don’t have respect for other people,” said Harris.

The front yard has several decorations along with chalk art that encourages people to be kind to each other.

Harris says he doesn’t think people are taking the virus seriously. All he wants is for people to take the time and be considerate of others in their community.

The display has been up for a few weeks and has drawn the attention of countless residents.

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