Couple plans to reopen closed Hartselle bakery

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HARTSELLE, Ala.- Three weeks after Molly Moo Cakes closed, a new couple has bought the place with plans to open it back up.

Chris and DeAnn Warnick need a few more factors to go right for that to happen.
WHNT News 19 has followed this story since Molly Moo closed up shop, leaving dozens of brides scrambling to find a wedding cake in time.

“I started out as a child at 12 years old working in a bakery early mornings,” Chris said.

“We’d talked about opening up something like a dessert shop here in Hartselle. And when this came available, we’d seen it on Facebook,” DeAnn said.

Which is why when they found out Molly Moo Cakes was closing, it didn’t take much convincing for the Warnick family to take a serious look.

“It’s a fun business. You see people’s birthdays come, anniversaries. Everybody loves cupcakes and cookies,” Chris said.

The Warnicks sealed the deal to take over the shop on June 12th. They plan to keep the phone number, but re-name the bakery ‘Sweet Sensations’.

The Warnicks say they plan to open on July 1st. And outside of a few hiccups with the new location, they say they should make it. They also say they’ve been contacted by a few soon-to-be brides who’d ordered cakes from Molly Moo.

“Once we get open, we plan to accommodate as many people as we can,” Chris said.

“I wish people could get their money back at least, or an explanation of what’s going on,” former Molly Moo customer Chris Runge said.

Many couples like Matea Vest and Runge have been scrambling to find someone to bake their wedding cakes after Molly Moo closed. Matea and Chris will tie the knot on August 24th.

“We’ve made several posts, talked to several family members and friends. I think what’ll end up happening is we’ll have to come up with more money and pay whatever they’re wanting, I guess,” Runge said.

On Tuesday, WHNT News 19 called former Molly Moo owner Ashley Waugh, who didn’t wish to appear on camera, but said when she closed, she was dealing with around 700 orders. She told WHNT News 19 she sent out the last batch of refunds on Tuesday, but two families News 19 spoke with say they haven’t seen a dime.

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