County Commission no longer looking at selling the Madison County Courthouse

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. — The Madison County Commission is trying to figure out what to do with the Madison County Courthouse. On Wednesday, Chairman Dale Strong said selling the courthouse is off the table for now. Instead they’re looking at other options.

In March, the commission had talked about an appraisal of the courthouse and possibly selling. They were in talks with the City of Huntsville about a joint building.

“We had communication with the City of Huntsville. It doesn’t appear right now that that’s going to be a good fit. But I don’t rule out anything. Things change frequently here in Madison County,” said Chairman Strong.

Instead of a sale, Chairman Strong said they will focus on creating more room in the space they already have.

“Our courthouse is maxed out on space as far as the utilization of it. We need more courtroom space. We need more judges because of the population,” he said.

Now they will either retro-fit a service center into the courthouse, or build one on Madison County land.

“This option will take a services center, moving out several departments from the courthouse, maintaining safety and security here. Our hope is to create additional courtroom space,” Strong explained.

Strong said they’re looking for both a present solution, and a long-term one, because the population is only going to keep growing.

“Now is the time, we hope to have something here in the next six months where we’ll definitively go in one direction or the other. But again, a lot of different things there,” he said.

Chairman Strong said this is all in an effort to maintain every citizen’s right to a speedy trial in Madison County.

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