County Commission gives back to three nonprofits

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – Madison County is reaping the benefits of its growth. The county commission voted to give back and allocated a total of $50,000 for three local non-profits.

The money will be divided among the National Children’s Advocacy Center, the Food Bank of North Alabama, and the Wellstone, Inc.

Chairman Dale Strong says the decision to help the North Alabama Food Bank was easy to make.

“You look during that shutdown, there was an enormous amount of food that was distributed to those that are in need on top of what their general demand is. There is no reason for anyone to starve here in the third largest county in Alabama and I think this commission understands what’s at stake,” says Strong.

Strong says giving back to Wellstone, Inc. is another deserving non-profit.

“You look at Wellstone, folks that are dealing with mental illness, counseling. This is something that in today’s society, it’s a common event. If someone is having mental issues or distress, maybe needs counseling. Wellstone is a phenomenal organization to work through that,” says Strong.

The National Child Advocacy Center was started in Madison County through the district attorney’s office. Strong says they are a critical piece of the puzzle here.

“They are part of our court systems. They’re a part of our law enforcement and so there is nothing better than understanding their value to our community.”

Strong says the demands are greater than ever and non-profits are stretching their dollars.

“You don’t want to hear after the fact, ‘if we would have had another $5,000  or $6,000 we might have could have stopped this or that.’ So we know what they’re doing for our community and this is a small amount to hopefully make a dent in what they deal with every day,” says Strong.

These nonprofits can expect to see this money from the council within the next two weeks.

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