Counterfeit currency circulates through Decatur stores

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DECATUR, Ala - Police have found 'funny money' in the Tennessee Valley, and it's no laughing matter. More than $500 worth of counterfeit $20 bills have been turned in to the Decatur Police Department.

The clerks at Lucky's Supermarket say they're not surprised to hear about counterfeit cash circulating through the community.

"No, no, I'm not surprised at all," Night Manager Brittany Russell said.

That's because they've seen their fair share of the fake money.

"We've had a lot of money flow in and out, counterfeit, so the cashiers don't take big bills now considering a lot of counterfeit has been going around," she said.

The twenties that were turned in to the Decatur Police Department are made for motion pictures. In fact, it even says that on the bills.

"At the very bottom, it says this is a 'replica'. You'll also see that it says 'replica' right underneath the $20 emblem," Public Affairs Liaison Emme Long said.

Long says police have seen counterfeit money in the area before.

"It goes in waves. We'll see this periodically and once we start reporting that we're seeing a lot of it, it will die down," she said.

She says people can use a counterfeit pen to detect if money is fake, but she says using a u-v scanner is more effective.

Another way to test if money is fake is to look for the watermark. Simply hold it up to the light. On a $20, money holders should see President Andrew Jackson's face on the right, and a visible security thread on the left. If you don't see those then you know the money is counterfeit.

When it comes to detecting funny money, the signs can be subtle, but it literally pays to pay attention.

Law enforcement officials are asking sales associates and business owners to report if they find counterfeit money and turn it into law enforcement.

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