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DECATUR, Ala. – Cortez Mitchell was sentenced to multiple life sentences for his role in two murders and four robberies over the course of a 2015 weekend that shocked Decatur.

Mitchell was sentenced to 20 years for each of the four robberies he was convicted of participating in, but those sentences will run concurrently, the Morgan County District Attorney’s Office told WHNT News 19. They say he was given two life sentences for the two killings, set to run consecutively. He will eventually be eligible for parole.

The crime spree started on a Friday night and ran into the weekend. Antonio Hernandez, 27, and Joshua Davis, 25, were killed by gunfire in the late hours of Friday night or early Saturday morning. A friend who was with Hernandez before his death said a group of males robbed them then shot Hernandez “for no reason.”  Davis’ body was found by a passerby Saturday morning in Wilson Morgan Park.

Police arrested four people in connection to these murders: 16-year-old Cedric Lamont Cowan, 16-year-old Cortez Ocie Mitchell, 17-year-old Amani Juan Goodwin, and 20-year-old Joseph Cowan.

Mitchell pleaded not guilty by reason of mental defect. During his youthful offender hearing, a psychologist testified his IQ was 70 and he has the mental capacity of a 12-year-old. Youthful offender status was denied for all defendants.