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As the battle against COVID-19 continues, many people are still wondering whether or not it is safe to once again visit the airport and travel by plane.

According to the United States Transportation Command, United Airlines and the Department of Defense did a test looking at the overall exposure risk from pathogens that travel by air – such as COVID-19.

According to their test, the chances of catching the virus while traveling by plane are low.

The testing lasted for eight days and was done both on in-flight and grounded Boeing 777-200 and 767-300 airplanes.

Mannequins with and without face masks were placed in seats throughout the plane.

Fluorescent tracer particles were released in two-second intervals to simulate breathing for a minute.

The United States Transportation Command says the test showed that the released aerosol was quickly diluted.

According to their study, airborne particles were detectable within the cabin for an average of under six minutes.

They compared that to a home where they say it takes around 90 minutes to clear the same types of particles from the air.

Huntsville International Airport says they are also working to make sure the airport is safe for travelers.

If you do step back on a plane, you may also notice a lot less people. Huntsville International Airport says in September they saw about 33% of the travelers they saw at the same time last year.