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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Local supermarkets say that the bulk-buying of items like hand sanitizer and toilet paper is not slowing down.

Star Market in Huntsville has had trouble getting hand sanitizer through their regular wholesalers so they came up with a solution. 

The pharmacy at Star Market did research and found a product that they could mix with ingredients they already had in their pharmacy so they could make their own.

Other businesses are now calling them with hopes to stock up and supply their own.

“The actual product itself, we took it from the World Health Organization and used their recipe, course we’ve never made it before so it’s new to us as far as making a cake. You kind of have to mess with it a bit,” said Steve Hammer, the pharmacy buyer.

They are still working on their recipes and say it’s not as jelled as other sanitizers. The hand sanitizer has to sit for 72 hours before they can put it on sale.

The market is selling a big bottle for $10, or a smaller one for $5.