Spectators at outdoor sports and recreational events should still follow mask order.


MADISON, Ala. – Although attending an outdoor event, is considered better than an indoor one, one should strongly consider masking up while at a sporting event or any outdoor recreation.

As a spectator, it’s hard to break the habit of cheering on your favorite, or for a parent their son or daughter. But, Dr. Karen Landers, with the Alabama Department of Public Health says that cheering them on is sometimes problematic, in terms of the virus spreading, “if you are speaking loudly or shouting or yelling or cheering your team on this is just an opportunity for more transmission of respiratory droplets,” Landers said.

In theory, when one is outside they are socially distant and at least six feet apart, per CDC guideline. If you’re not able to keep a constant six foot distance, other health officials and Dr. Landers say, you should consider another added layer of protection.

“Use that extra layer of protection, with the mask. Our governor just extended the mask order today and we appreciate her doing that very much,” Dr. Landers added that with the numbers on the rise, extending the order is something extremely helpful.”

With Covid-19 numbers going up at a steady incline, health officials remind people, to consider the pros’ and cons’ before going to events. Pam Hudson, CEO of Crestwood Hospital says, “so that’s why, choosing to go to a venue where that kind of thing where the temptation is great, is a risk all in its self,” Hudson added that sometimes just the atmosphere of the event is a temptation.

Madison Mayor, Paul Finley said, “if you’re at risk, please stay home. You know, if you go, take those precautions. It’s a lot different from what needs to occur versus what you want to happen.” It can be hard to say no at times, but health officials do want to point out that all community members have a choice.

Dr. Landers ended with saying she’s encouraged her patients parents to think, “I have really recommended that parents strongly consider whether or not this is an absolute necessity for their children to participate in these group activities, or whether they could modify and do something on an individual basis and pick up this activity next year.”

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