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Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurants and businesses are stepping up their cleanliness in order to protect both their customers and employees. Some are using new technology, including the owner of several Dairy Queen franchises across Madison County.

He is using a new handwashing technology to make sure that when you come by for an ice cream cone, that is the only thing you are getting.

A company called PathSpot Technologies launched the device that uses a special light to scan for contaminants on your hands.

Employees go to the sink, wash their hands, scrub their fingers and then they scan their hands under the light. The machine lets them know if there are any contaminants lingering around.

It can catch areas people tend to miss, like on your wrists or fingertips.

This isn’t the only new technology coming out of the gates since COVID-19. JetBlue is experimenting with the use of a high tech UV light system to keep its planes clear of COVID-19.

A Birmingham company called Sanitizit has also created a cleaning system that sanitizes grocery carts.

And according to ZipRecruiter, the pandemic has also caused a spike in demand for cleaners.