Sen. Jones says workers left without support in COVID-19 stimulus relief package

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - U.S. Senators are still working out the third installment of a $1.4 trillion stimulus package to support Americans through this unprecedented global pandemic.

Alabama Senator Doug Jones says Senator Mitch McConnell was putting on a political show with the procedural vote because it wasn't for an official vote on the bill. "All a sudden Senator McConnell wanted to start playing political games. Making us take votes he knows are going to fail."

Senator Doug Jones didn't vote against a bill, he said he rejected a shell of what would be in the bill. The motion itself was more of a political tool instead of taking action with a final product.

We asked Senator Jones what's at stake the longer we wait?

"The way you get this economy back again and get her working again, getting businesses open again, is to stop the spread of this virus," said Jones.

Jones said the proposed stimulus package does more for business owners through the small business administration and less for the employees that are getting laid off.

"We want to make sure their employees are being taken care of. Initially, the way this bill was structured, there were no guardrails to make sure it went from the companies themselves to the workers."

Jones and his Democratic colleagues are also trying to shift money to local governments to better fight on the frontlines of this pandemic.

"Counties and cities, they are hemorrhaging as much as anybody. They have essential services they are still paying."

Despite the holdup on the stimulus package, Jones is confident a deal will come soon. He said there will likely be several more COVID-19 relief bills to come over the next weeks.

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