Rescheduled 2nd-dose COVID-19 vaccinations moving swiftly at Colbert County Health Department


COLBERT COUNTY, Ala. — The Alabama Department of Public Health said the Colbert Couty and Lauderdale County health departments assure that everyone who missed their scheduled second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine last week because of the weather will receive it this week.

Appointments that were scheduled for Monday, February 15 were rescheduled for Monday, February 22. Appointments scheduled for Tuesday were rescheduled for the following Tuesday and so on.

In an effort to assist staff and recipients, both health departments opened this past Saturday, giving each person an extra opportunity to receive their missed dose.

Despite the increased number of people getting vaccinated Monday at the Colbert County Health Department, Lerrie Harris, who drove her sister to the clinic, was surprised at how quick the process was.

“That was great to see, especially because of the cancelation of the appointments last week due to the weather,” Harris said. “I was glad when I drove up and the line wasn’t that long and the sign said, ‘second dose only.’ That kind of rushes things on up—gets things taken care of.”

Harris said her sister was only inside the clinic for about 20 minutes which gives her peace of mind for when she returns for her second dose on Friday.

Harris also said for anyone still on the fence about getting the vaccine, to do their research and talk to their doctor if they’re still having doubts.

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