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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.- Educators, students and parents have had to adapt to distance learning and for many, it hasn’t been easy. Randolph School in Huntsville focuses on the integration of arts and athletics within the academic structure and school leaders say distance learning hasn’t changed their priorities. 

“We can use this time to make sure we are investing in each other and still learning in that process,” said Director of Visual and Performing Arts Erin Charles. 

Charles said students are continuing weekly lessons in art, music, band, choir and theater.

“Lots of them have really shifted focus to allow the students to use materials that are at home,” Charles said.

She said they are aware of the challenges learning from home brings students and added teachers are trying to give students opportunities to express themselves through the arts.

“You can pretty much reinvent this very uncomfortable and uncertain time that we’re in and put it into something that’s solid and something that we are passionate about,” Charles said.

Physical education teachers are also going above and beyond to keep their students engaged in from home

“Our P.E. teachers have done an incredible job. Some of them have even created their own YouTube clips that they share through Seesaw,” said Director of Athletics Blake Davenport. 

Davenport said different grade levels are given different fitness challenges and upper school students have access to a strength and conditioning coach.

“Every kid has an app and an account and he sends them workouts and even attaches clips of him kind of demonstrating the exercises,” said Davenport.

Davenport said this time is giving the athletics department tools to develop character in students to overcome adversity now and in the future.  

Randolph school has 27 varsity programs that are all doing at least one zoom meeting a week to stay connected while school sports are on hold.