More schools returning to class across north Alabama


Madison City Schools students return to a hybrid schedule Tuesday morning.

Hybrid schooling continues throughout the first week of school after Christmas break.

Superintendent Dr. Ed Nichols said in a letter to parents the hybrid method of learning has allowed them to keep numbers down and not go fully virtual.

He said going hybrid, although it’s hard has “allowed us to lessen the effects of the pandemic on the district.”

Group A attends in-person on Tuesday and Wednesday and Group B goes to school on Thursday and Friday.

MCS leaders said they expect to have a decision late this week on whether schools will stick with hybrid learning for a little longer or go back to face-to-face learning.

COVID-19 is still very much a problem in Morgan County, but the schoolhouses across the country will welcome students and faculty once again Tuesday morning.

It’s a decision Morgan County Schools Deputy Superintendent Lee Willis is confident in. The plan will be to have kids in classes Tuesday, except for those who have opted for the remote option.

On Wednesdays however, all of the district is in remote mode.

This, Willis said, is to allow for any necessary cleaning inside the buildings. This comes after it was predicted by health officials that likely three of five tests from the public in Morgan County will be positive.

Willis says it’s a top priority to maintain comfort for faculty and students to be safe and stay engaged.

“This has just created so much more anxiety and mental issues for our students and adults in dealing with the pandemic,” Willis said. “So there’s no doubt that we’re going to see some digression from where we were. Our biggest hope is that if our students maintain where they ended the year, and it will just be icing on the cake if we make progress on all of our academic areas.”

Fort Payne City Schools heads back Tuesday too, as does Colbert County though with a hybrid layout.

Decatur City, Lawrence, Dekalb, and Marshall County Schools districts remain fully remote this week.

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