Million dollars available for Jefferson County COVID-19 response


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – Jefferson County has the highest number of people in Alabama with COVID-19 at 282.

Tuesday, the Jefferson County Commission made a million dollars available for emergency response.

This money was taken from the catastrophic event fund and moved to the general fund so commissioners can spend it as needed.

$80,000 will go to purchasing 55 hospital beds in case they’re needed.

The county has also been searching for areas that can be converted into makeshift hospitals.

“They’ve got to meet some criteria that the medical community is well aware of. Which goes back to patient care. Is there sufficient power? plumbing? The ability to section off and isolate certain rooms,” said Jim Coker, the Jefferson County EMA Director,

The commission also passed a resolution to keep the courthouse closed until the end of April.

The emergency fund has a total of 7 million dollars.

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