Mazda Toyota Manufacturing responds to concerns about sanitary conditions at construction site


LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. — WHNT News 19 has received several viewer calls and emails from workers and their family members concerned about the sanitary conditions at the Mazda Toyota Manufacturing (MTM) site in Limestone County.

Thousands of construction contractors continue to work there daily. Concerns communicated to us include there not being enough hand washing or sanitizing supplies, that contractors are continuing to work in close contact with each other, and the restrooms are being shared by thousands of workers and are only being cleaned weekly.

WHNT News 19 reached out to Mazda Toyota Manufacturing with these concerns, and MTM wants to assure their workers and business partners that they are taking steps to keep everyone safe during the COVID-19 outbreak.

This was their statement:

“Mazda Toyota Manufacturing (MTM) continues to work around the clock to create a safe working environment for its team members, business partners and contracted construction site workers. As of today, March 23, there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 at the construction site, and we continue to closely monitor the status and impact of the virus through local, state and national authorities.  

We are diligently taking actions to identify and increase safety measures across the 2,400 acre construction site, including social distancing, increased cleaning, additional sanitizing stations and closing confined work areas.

In this unprecedented pandemic crisis, MTM has taken action to respond to evolving guidelines provided by the Alabama Department of Public Health and government officials.

We remain in constant communication with our business partners, including local Trade Union President Tony Quillen, to enact guidance and increased sanitization efforts with the safety and welfare of workers supporting site construction at top of mind.”

Statement from Mazda Toyota Manufacturing

MTM has taken the following measures at the construction site:

  • Increased budget allocations for sanitization supplies
  • Increased resources to support labor needed to replenish sanitization supplies
  • Increased supplies of hand sanitizer and sanitizer wipes in the construction worker break areas
  • Increased the number of washing and hand sanitizer stations
  • Increased frequency of service for portable toilets and stations
  • Started daily audits to identify areas for improvement at the worksite
  • Increased frequency of site cleaning to 7 days per week

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