MainStreet Family Care explains how people who are ineligible have gotten vaccine


ARAB, Ala. – News 19 has received complaints that MainStreet Family Care in Arab is vaccinating people who are not actually eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine based on the Alabama Department of Public Health’s (ADPH) rollout plan.

The coronavirus vaccine is liquid gold right now and with the lag in Alabama’s vaccine supply, many who are eligible have been running into problems.

Current eligible patients are healthcare workers, first responders, and anyone who is 75 or older.

At first, the MainStreet Family Care clinic did not require proof of employment, but that has since changed.

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Betsy Stewart told News 19 that they check dates of birth and now ask that patients now bring pay stubs or other forms of employment proof when they come to get the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.

She added they have increased capacity at all of their clinics including the one in Arab, but the interest still has not been high enough to make use of entire vials of the vaccine.

Stewart explained that it’s a problem other clinics across the state are experiencing as well.

“Each vial comes with 10 doses and once we puncture that vial, it expires in six hours,” said Stewart. “If we don’t have enough doses to meet an increment of 10 and we’re getting down to the last hour before it expires, we are going to start calling patients, anyone who has submitted an interest form, and basically go down the list. We’re able to sort that by the date of birth, by the criteria they select on interest form. We’ve certainly had it, especially in some of our clinics in Georgia, where some of those first criteria aren’t answering, they can’t make it to the clinic before the vial expires. Rather than let any doses go to waste, if there is a patient on that list who if we get down the list and they technically aren’t meeting criteria, we will call them in to come get their vaccine to prevent those doses from going to waste.”

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