Madison Police Department modifying operations in response to COVID-19


MADISON, Ala. – The Madison Police Department is making several changes to its daily operations to limit the spread of coronavirus.

  • If you are involved in a wreck on private property or a wreck with no injuries or significant property damage, Madison Police Dispatch will direct you to exchange information and give you an event number for your insurance company. MPD will continue responding to wrecks with injuries and significant property damage.
  • Some officers will be assigned to “alternative response.” Those officers will take reports by phone of incidents that do not have a crime scene, do not involve injuries or require medical treatment, or where the offender is no longer on scene. Calls involving breaking and entering into cars, burglaries, and criminal mischief resulting in under $500 of damage will also be reported by phone only, along with other calls as evaluated. MPD will continue to respond to calls involving injury, significant property damage, and in-progress calls where the offender is, or is believed to be, still on scene.
  • Madison Police will suspend fingerprinting at the police department on Hughes Road and limit services provided at the records window. The department asked requests at the records window be kept to a minimum.
  • Officers will begin carrying personal protective equipment to limit their exposure to possible illness. Police said the public may see officers wearing medical-style masks and this is only a precaution; the public shouldn’t assume officers are interacting with those who are ill.
  • School Resource Officers and Detectives have modified duties. SROs are assisting with alternative response and detectives will be available to assist with regular patrols if needed, as well as follow-ups on cases.

Patrols across the city will not stop.

MPD said the public should continue following guidelines from the Alabama Department of Public Health – washing hands with soap and water often, keeping a six-foot distance from others as much as possible, covering mouths and noses when coughing or sneezing, using hand sanitizer, and limiting gatherings to reduce the spread.

Interactive: Coronavirus Timeline

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