Madison County Sheriff says mask violations are teaching opportunities


MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – Madison County Sheriff Kevin Turner made a statement on Facebook sharing exactly how his deputies will handle people who don’t follow the mask order.

The sheriff says rather than punishment— they want to educate and communicate with the people of Madison County just how important it is to wear a mask.

Sheriff Turner said, “I want to make it clear our stance, to the citizens of Huntsville and Madison County that your sheriff– this agency– will not be making arrests against violators of this ordinance.”

He wants to encourage the community to do the right thing.

“As your sheriff, our main act of enforcement will be to educate our citizens about COVID-19, and encouraging the citizens of Madison County that this is the right thing to do… not only for themselves but for their community and their families,” said Turner.

Sheriff Turner goes on to say if you see or know of a violation— to call the non-emergency number to the Madison County Sheriff’s Office.

He says from there, a deputy will either make a call— or respond to the location in person, depending on the severity. And then they will educate the person or persons about the order.

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