Madison County COVID-19 numbers continue to rise

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MADISON COUNT Y, Ala. – Alabama has seen the biggest jump in one day in COVID-19 cases, 1,848. In the Madison County COVID-19 briefing on Wednesday, speakers addressed rising numbers and the flu season.

The numbers of hospitalization in North Alabama are on the rise according to David Spillers of Huntsville Hospital and Madison County has experienced a substantial increase. Not only are they up in North Alabama, but they are up across the state as well.

David Spillers said as of today, “We have 161 patients that are in the hospital with COVID.”

Spiller said this is 22 more than two weeks ago, and Madison County is up to 78 patients in Huntsville Hospital and 10 in Crestwood hospital. 16 of those in are in the ICU and half are on ventilators.

“We had an additional 18 patients in the Huntsville facility in the last two weeks, in the region the numbers are at about what they were two weeks ago, so most of the increase your seeing across North Alabama right now is in Madison County,” Spillers said.

Currently the area of greatest concern according to Spillers is in Lincoln county, with 10 positive COVID-19 patients and 41 positive in theirs nursing home, for the size of the community, it’s unsettling.

“That’s a fairly substantial amount of positive Covid cases that they’re taking care of in Lincoln County, they’re taking care of them and doing a good job, but that’s a lot of patients for that community,” Spillers said.

On a more positive note, the numbers are going up, but that peak is not as steep as the one after the July 4 holiday.

Those who are in the ICU and on ventilators, those numbers have remained “flat” for over eight weeks. Now, the county is keeping an eye on the spike that could happen at the end of November and December and the upcoming flu season.

“I want to encourage everyone to get a flu shot, we’re seeing not a lot of flu, but we’re seeing enough flu that it’s creating a problem, we assume they have COVID until we determine that they don’t have COVID.”

Spillers also says not to only be cautious with the flu season coming, but also the Thanksgiving holiday. He advises to be mindful around friends and family as we go into the holiday season.

“We kind of forget that family members have been out around other groups and all it takes is one Covid positive person in that group to potentially infect many other people, so keep that in mind particularly as Thanksgiving is coming.”

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