North Alabamians react to CDC’s guidance of loosening mask restrictions for fully vaccinated


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – With the CDC’s guidance loosening mask restrictions for the fully-vaccinated, people now have a personal choice to make in public spaces, are they ready to say goodbye to their masks?

Dr. Karen Landers also weighed in on how the community moves forward safely. She said overall the announcement is a promising one.

“I do think its good news and I also think its an incentive for people to be vaccinated because we see the efficacy of the vaccine,” Dr. Landers said.

She said it also means each person must take on an added level of responsibility. If someone has not been vaccinated, she said to stay masked up to prevent community spread.

In Madison County, over half the population still needs to be vaccinated.

“We don’t have the percentages we need to have, we still need to exercise a level of caution,” Landers said. “It’s very important for people to comply and work with these entities who have a particularly high risk population.”

Gloria Armstrong works in the healthcare industry. Her husband Doug is immunocompromised. They have both been vaccinated but are still cautious.

“I hope people will be responsible and it doesn’t get started up again but everybody has their own rights and choices, but we just choose to keep wearing ours in close contact with people,” Gloria Armstrong said.

Katey Leavelle said her family has been vaccinated too. They said in some cases they’ll put the masks away, but they want to make those like Armstrong feel safe in public.

“There is concern, which is why I think especially in the grocery stores and stuff, we’ll continue to wear our masks more supportively than out of necessity for us,” Leavelle said.

Dr. Landers said even the fully vaccinated should still be wearing masks in places like hospitals, healthcare facilities or other sites with elevated risk.

She said the sooner the majority become immunized, the sooner masks can be gone for good.

“We have vaccine in every corner of Alabama, we just need people to come take it,” Landers said.

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