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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.- Community members are using a unique way to gather and show support for essential workers on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hundreds of people parked and prayed Wednesday night at local hospitals in Madison county.

“It’s for the healthcare workers and the people that are working within the hospital. And in addition to that we would like our other essential workers to be prayed over our firemen, our policemen, our ambulance drivers,” said organizer Lois Patton.

Organizer Lois Patton says this is a time for people in the community to know we are in this together even though we are separated.

“We want people to see that there is good going on we want people to share their faith,” said Patton.

And thats what people in thier cars did Wednesday night. In the Huntsville Hospital parking lot amongst flashing lights, loud honking vehicles, and cheering… people sat in their cars praying and worshiping.

“We want to give people hope that we might not can cure this virus but we can get through this situation and we’ll be better for it on the other side,” said Patton.

Patton says COVID-19 knows no boundaries and is infecting people from all walks of lives and impacting every part of our society.

“It attacks everyone so we just want everyone to come together and pray together.”

Each evening from 6:30 p.m. through 7:30 p.m., residents plan to gather in parked cars with lights and flashers on in various locations around Madison county. While parked, people are encouraged to pray for health care workers, patients, families, first responders, or anyone impacted by COVID-19.

The latest updates can be found on the park & pray Facebook page.


In support of HUNTSVILLE HOSPITAL, approved locations are:

  • Longwood Lot located between Gallatin Medical Tower and UAB, approximately 200 spaces. The entrance to this lot is on Longwood. This is for employees only who will be able to see the lights during shift change.
  • Woman and Children’s West Surface gated lot, approximately 60 spaces. This is the parking lot that is not directly in front of the building. That is where the ER is located, and we need to stay out of that area. This lot is the one to the West of the main entrance to Women and Children’s Hospital. Both the Longwood and Women and Children’s are gated lots. The gates will open at 6:15PM and close at 7:45PM.
  • The parking lot directly across from Women and Children’s from Westmark Construction through Shon Henry State Farm has been approved for parking by the owner, Wade Russell.
  • Quickcare Pharmacy and Urgent Care as well as BBVA Bank have also given approval for parking.
  • First Baptist Church REAR parking lot on St. Clair. This lot can be seen from the Huntsville Hospital employee parking deck and the nursing home can see as well.

In support of CRESTWOOD HOSPITAL, approved locations are:

  • Trinity United Methodist Church parking lot
  • Holy Spirit Catholic Church and School parking lots
  • Crestwood has approved parking in their North lot by the North Lobby/Outpatient entrance off of Whitesport. People may park anywhere between the hospital and 4810 Whitesport Circle, a large building at the very northern edge of that parking lot that they own.

In support of HUNTSVILLE HOSPITAL MADISON, approved location is:

  • Madison Wellness Center approved by Huntsville Hospital. This will cover Madison Hospital and the HEMSI station.