Local logistics company talks effects of COVID-19 on freight transportation and supply chains

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — You’ve seen it in stores, some products are running out quickly. The transportation industry is working hard to catch up with supply and demand that’s being affected by COVID-19.

Yellowhammer Logistics is a transportation provider by road, rail, air, and ocean on a domestic and international basis. They normally have a lot of shipments going back and forth internationally, which the COVID-19 has changed drastically. It started in China.

“We didn’t start to see the effects until about 3-4 weeks later, because that’s about the transit time over the ocean for these steam lines,” said Yellowhammer Logistics president Nick Beaty,

But with the spread of the virus, almost every industry, everywhere, is now being affected.

“You’re impacting jobs, productivity, revenue, all those things are getting impacted because you can’t get parts, you can’t get raw materials,” Beaty said.

It’s Yellowhammer Logistics’ job to find creative solutions to these problems. Beaty said a backup like the COVID-19 is causing is something he’s never experienced before.

Warehouse and distribution centers only have so much material, which can cause delays in the manufacturing and delivery of these products.

“Whether its raw inbound goods, a manufacturing level, a distribution level, everybody’s experiencing a pain point somewhere in their supply chain,” Beaty said.

He said there’s no need to fear. The transportation world will find a way. And like is the case with toilet paper, there may just be some delays along the road.

Yellowhammer Logisitcs says that safety measures are already being followed carefully at facilities, truck stops, and on loads that are traveling across the country.