Huntsville robotics team works to 3D print face shields for healthcare workers


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – A local youth robotics team learned of an urgent need in the community and used their tech skills to make a contribution.

The Time Travelers robotics team has been using three 3D printers to make protective face shields for medical workers. Three face masks can take up to 18 hours to print, and the team has already completed 70 masks to be distributed to Alabama hospitals and health care facilities.

Time Travelers Team Member Maddoux Ralph said it was all about getting into the community.

“We don’t get to do community things as often as we’d like to, but this is something we really have collaborated on as a team and felt it was really good that we could get into the community with this.”

The team will also disinfect each printed mask and assemble them before they’re dropped off and they plan to keep printing as long as there’s a need.

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