Huntsville International Airport making changes to cope with COVID-19 pandemic

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Across the nation, airports are nearly empty and the industry could lose a significant amount of money by the time the COVID-19 pandemic is through.

Huntsville International Airport is taking precautions to sanitize for travelers and prevent the spread of COVID-19, but they recommend people limit travel to essential needs only. Huntsville International TSA says they are screening about 100 people a day – that’s under 10 percent of how many they normally check in.

“If you look around behind me, there is nobody here,” explained spokesperson Jana Kuner. “It is a ghost town. The hotels are empty, the rental companies are not renting cars. It’s just not business as usual. We are operating on mission-critical mode and that means we are operating on a budget that is the very minimum we can operate.”

The airport says they are doing what they can to preserve jobs and have split employees into two shifts in order to allow social distance and keep people working.

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