Huntsville Hospital plans to ramp up vaccinations in two weeks


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – While the demand for COVID-19 vaccinations is relatively high, Alabama has not been able to meet it just yet. But one Huntsville Hospital operations official says change may be on the horizon if the state figures out a way to manage.

Between two vaccination locations Huntsville Hospital has vaccinated about 14,500 people so far.

But the state of Alabama has struggled with the number of vaccines it is receiving versus the demand for the shot.

As the hospital’s visibility of the vaccine, Tracy Doughty, Senior Vice President of Operations said the line of communication has been reliable.

“We work with the state and they’ve done a good job of letting us know as soon as they find out,” he said. “The current process is the federal government lets them know, and then they turn around and let us know as soon as possible.”

Doughty said in about two weeks, the system plans to ramp up vaccinations.

“On the 12th of next month, we’ll go to 1000 per day, meaning 500 second doses, 500 new doses, and we’ll continue that process. As long as we have vaccines,” he said.

As of now, Doughty does not anticipate an issue. Citing very few sites in Alabama can utilize the Pfizer vaccine.

“We’re one of the only less than 10 places in the state currently that get the Pfizer vaccine because it requires the super cold freezer,” he said. “So our allocations have been stable so far.”

In terms of timing for the second dose, Doughty said Huntsville Hospital schedules the second shot exactly 3 weeks from the first. Same location and time.

The hospital’s vaccine waiting list consists of about 20,000 people.

Doughty said Hunstville Hospital has about 7,000 vaccines on hand now and they’re running through them rapidly.

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