Huntsville-area hospitals begin modifying mask policies amid COVID-19 pandemic

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Huntsville-area hospitals made a decision about wearing masks at all times when on hospital grounds, but it seems Huntsville Hospital and Crestwood Medical Center are choosing different routes for the moment.

Huntsville Hospital and Madison Hospital are going to implement a masking policy, requiring masks to be worn inside the facility.

The message was different from Crestwood – masks are still optional but encouraged. It’s recognized that many are wearing homemade masks, but Crestwood said homemade masks are no substitute for personal protective equipment.

Huntsville Hospital notified it’s staff about the masking policy. They are encouraging reusable masks if employees have one and further stated wearing a reusable mask will become a requirement as soon as there are enough of them to support the policy.

Additional guidelines include:

  • Wear provided PPE when entering an isolation room
  • Use disposable masks carefully and don’t waste them
  • It’s important to wear the mask properly
  • Avoid touching it

We’ve been debating it for days now – whether to wear a mask when you’re out in public. It’s something health officials are discussing, too, but it’s a little different for health care workers who spend their time on the front lines of this pandemic.

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