Hundreds receive first dose of COVID-19 vaccine at Marshall County Health Department walk-in clinic


GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. – More than 184,000 people have been given the coronavirus vaccine in Alabama as of Jan. 19, 2021. Hundreds have received it in Marshall County at a walk-in clinic at the health department.

Clinic supervisor Sara Shelton told News Wednesday that around 900 people so far have gotten the first dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.

“It’s going to be first come first serve if you haven’t already made an appointment. If you fit the criteria then you can come up here. I can’t guarantee you’ll get one. It’s going to be if we have one,” explained Shelton.

She said nurses and patients have a sense of hope now that the vaccine is available.

“For the last year it’s been chaos and people are so excited to get it. There are people that come here, they’re so thankful and grateful and I mean, they’ll tell you stories of how long they’ve been in their house and not come out and that kind of thing, and it’s so important to get vaccinated because the more people that get vaccinated, the more people who either can’t get vaccinated or even the ones that do choose not to, we’re protecting as many people as we can, the more people that get it,” added Shelton.

She said interest in Marshall County has been steady.

“We have been constant the last couple of days. If there are any end of day doses where we have to call people to come in, we have a waiting list for that but we honestly for the last couple of days somehow it’s just worked out perfectly. The amount of people in the building were what we had,” Shelton said.

Patients must fill out a questionnaire with demographic, insurance, and other general information before getting the vaccine.

Shelton told News 19 that there is a temperature check at the front of the clinic and that once inside, masks and social distancing are required.

She requests that people who are ineligible for the COVID-19 vaccine under the Alabama Department of Public Health’s Phase 1A and 1B, which are healthcare workers, first responders and those 75 years of age or older, do not go to the clinic requesting the vaccine.

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