Fort Payne photographer captures life during COVID-19


One North Alabama photographer used her talent to capture life during COVID-19, documenting how much has changed from just a few weeks ago.

Pictures are worth a thousand words and yet these pictures could leave someone speechless.

On Facebook, Kellie Bearden Sisemore, owner of Amazing Grace Photography, said this when describing the album:

“Over the past several days I have noticed & captured through pictures how life has changed around us. Shelves empty. Stores slow, and hours lessened. Gloves on gas pumps. Ball fields empty. Schools empty. Parks closed. Recreation and community centers closed to the public. Museums closed. Restaurants that are normally packed out, closed completely or only open via drive through or curbside pickup. Funeral homes closed to the public. Events cancelled. Gyms empty. Movie theaters closed. Grocery stores slower at normal busier times. Church held via technology. We as a community, took so much for granted about being able to go and do as we pleased… always being able to find what we needed when we needed it. This has been a real eye opener, for me personally. I hope when all of this is over, we never take a handshake for granted. May we always look up at ball field lights and be grateful to be under them. May we appreciate the roar of the crowd at a concert. May we always be thankful for being able to walk into church on Sunday morning and lift our hands, and then going into our favorite restaurant after the sermon is over. For me, when you really look at these pictures, it puts into perspective the times we are living in. Pray for our medical workers – NURSES, DOCTORS, TECHS. Pray for our retail workers, & our truck drivers. Pray for our leaders. Pray for those sick and affected by this pandemic. Pray for everyone that is doing their part to keep our society going. Pray for every small business affected. Pray for our country. Pray for our world. Feel free to share.”

To see the full album on Facebook, click here.

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