Florence mayor agrees with extending Safer at Home Order, credits lower numbers to face masks


FLORENCE, Ala. — Governor Kay Ivey has extended the Safer at Home order, this time through Sunday, November 8. She said it’s to keep voters and poll workers safe during the November election—but the move offers protection for an even earlier election.

“Remember that voting in a free and open election is what separates America from many other countries,” the governor said. “It’s also our sacred duty to vote and I want everyone to do it and do it safely.”

Florence Mayor Steve Holt agreed with the governor on the effectiveness of face masks and said COVID-19 numbers in Lauderdale County were much higher during the summer than they are now.

“It’s clearly way below where we were in July so what’s different and what’s working, in my opinion, it has to be the masks,” the mayor said.

The governor said she wants voters and poll workers in November to be as safe as possible and extending the mask order offers protection to those voting in next Tuesday’s runoff as well.

“It was a big question for the August 25 regular election as to whether anybody would turn out to vote because of concerns for COVID, but we had, even though it was a 25 percent total turn out of voters, it was still up a little bit from previous years,” Mayor Holt said.

Mayor Holt added he believes that was an indicator that people wanted to get out of the house and that exercising their right to vote is certainly a reason to do so.