Florence assisted living facility hosts COVID-19 vaccine clinic for residents


FLORENCE, Ala. — Tuesday was a day of celebration at The Renaissance of Florence Assisted Living facility. Residents and staff received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

CVS Pharmacy provided the vaccines and held the clinic for Pegasus Senior Living facilities which also includes Bridgewood Gardens in Albertville.

The Renaissance of Florence executive director Sharon Byears said many residents questioned when they would be eligible for the vaccine but she was thankful the time has come.

“I think it’s great that we’re getting to give them their vaccines and hopefully take care of this COVID and that they don’t get it,” Byears said.

There are 59 residents living in the facility and their family members have voiced their praises as well. “Yes, they’re all very excited and glad to know that their loved one is going to get the vaccine,” Byears said.

Byears said the residents had several questions surrounding the vaccine including about the product’s effectiveness. “They were all asking questions about if they were going to get the vaccine, when they were going to get the vaccine, and wanting to know information about the vaccine itself and if they were going to have any side effects,” Byears said. “We’ve talked about all of that and brought them up to date.”

Byears has advice for anyone currently eligible to receive the vaccine who may be having doubts, “Please think about all the people out there, think about yourselves, your families, and the best thing we can do is take this vaccine and continue to wear our masks and wash our hands.”

Residents will receive their second dose of the vaccine on Tuesday, February 16.