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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – In less than 24 hours, Alabama transitions from “Stay at Home” to “Safer at Home.”

That means all but certain businesses can reopen, but it won’t be business as usual. One small business will be spending some extra time polishing its plan to reopen.

Meet the Maleknias

The family that owns Donny’s Diamond Gallery says it will sanitize and sanitize often. Donny Maleknia and his son, Pedram, plan to wipe every surface touched or untouched ahead of reopening.

“We don’t want to put anyone in danger, said Pedram. “We don’t want out healthcare providers to have more work than they’ve already had to do.”

After five plus weeks, Governor Ivey’s new Safer at Home order will allow them to reopen as early as Thursday evening.

“I really miss my customers,” said Donny. “I really miss my people because, like I said, [I’ve been] here for 20 years.”

The new business plan

The new order requires businesses to follow certain health guidelines, so this shop has a plan.

“We’re going to make sure that only two customers come in at a time,” said Pedram. “We do that because we want each customer to feel comfortable.”

They know things will be different. Shopping for a new rock will come with extra measures to protect the rings from collecting and spreading the virus to customers.

Proceeding with caution

“Say — they want to try on a ring. They can try on any ring,” said Pedram. “But after each ring is tried on, we’re going to take it, as you saw in the clip, and sanitize it with our jewelry cleaner.”

Donny’s Diamond Gallery will wait until next week to reopen, until the family installs plexiglass barriers and has plenty of disinfectant on hand.

“We don’t want to tell them they can’t touch the showcase because after each use we’re going to clean the showcase,” said Pedram.

Get ready for opening day

Donny and Pedram say they’ll keep up the cleaning regime for as long as it takes.

Donny’s Diamond Gallery is allowing customers to setup appointments to shop alone at no cost to you. Text the number 256-224-1620 to schedule a private shopping experience.

The staff suggests reaching out if you need assistance with food and toiletries too. This is how they’re giving back to those in need and the service is free. The number is the same.