Denver girl writes mother’s day song for her mom, dedicates it to all healthcare workers on front lines of COVID-19 pandemic


10-year-old Hannah Hyatt was given an assignment in her social studies class: write about your hero. Hannah chose her mom— who is a pediatrician in Denver.

But Hannah wanted to share something more – how thankful and proud she is of her mom and the daily sacrifices she’s making to help take care of others.

“Who is my hero? Who is the hero right now? So, I chose my mom because she’s going, we’re waking up in our pajamas needing breakfast, and she’s waking up and putting on a mask and going out to work.”

Hannah and her dad performed a song, not just in honor of Hannah’s mom, but for all doctors and nurses on the front lines.

In her song, she also references comic heroes, like The Avengers. She sings in part, “The Hulk could smash my mother, she’s barely taller than me. But mom’s got a secret weapon, armed with her M.D.”

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