COVID-19 numbers dropping in Morgan County


MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. — Though the Decatur Morgan Hospital remains full, president Kelli Powers says the number of COVID-19 patients is dropping. Meanwhile, Morgan County residents 75 and over are finally getting a chance to receive the COVID-19 vaccine to help prevent the spread of the virus.

“Well I am happy to report that our numbers are down a little,” said Powers. “We are at 73 positives, 7 PUIs or presumptive people, 11 total in ICU that are positive and 10 of those that are on the vent.”

According to the Alabama Department of Public Health COVID-19 dashboard, in the last 14 days, around 1200 Morgan County residents have contracted COVID-19. That’s down 300 from last week.

Even with the positive news, Powers adds a few people have died in the past week and the hospital still feels full with 160 in-patients.

Monday, those 75 and over started receiving COVID-19 vaccines. Judy Smith with ADPH says within 12 counties across North Alabama, 3000 people were vaccinated.

On the first day, Morgan County Health Department vaccinated 300 while Decatur Morgan Hospital vaccinated around 130.

The goal of the Decatur Morgan Hospital and the Morgan County Health Department is to vaccinate 300 people a day, each.

“If Kelli and her team and the health department and their team can each end up doing 1500 a week… In two weeks, we can have the majority of our senior folks taken care of and we can move on to other groups,” said Judy Smith of the Alabama Department of Public Health.

Smith says the biggest stumbling block is the availability of vaccines but she added that North Alabama is on the right track.

“Right now, we feel like in order to make the vaccine accessible to everyone across North Alabama, that we are doing what we need to do,” said Smith.

“I hope that we just continue on wearing our masks, social distancing, until we get all the people vaccinated,” said Powers.

Smith says they will continue to honor vaccination appointments at the health department this week, but will soon transition to a walk-up system.

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