Coronavirus response isn’t stopping HEMSI

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While many businesses and services are temporarily closing their doors in order to protect the safety of the community, some can't.

Public servants such as police, fire fighters and of course, medical staff, are still working and even working more.

Huntsville Emergency Medical Services ambulances and crews are risking their own health in order to continue to do their job.

They continue to provide all of their emergency medical services during the coronavirus response efforts, plus they are adding capacity when needed.

HEMSI says crews are wearing personal protective equipment to increase safety for both the first responders and their patients. but spokesman Don Webster said in no way are they slowing down.

"Yes we have seen a spike or an increase in call volumes. And um, we're adjusting to that. We have increased our staffing. We have additional units, ambulances out in the field. We, we measure it every day. We look at our call volume every day; take the temperature if you will of what our call volume is. I have to say they're fantastic. I, I mean I salute each and every employee here at HEMSI, uh, along with all the other healthcare workers. If you just think about what they're going through every day, day in and day out, it can be stressful."

Don Webster, HEMSI

Health care professionals across the board say one way you can help them out is by doing your part and follow the department of health as well as the government's guidelines and distancing yourself from others.

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