BBB warning of vaccine scams across north Alabama


Alabama is still in phase 1a of the vaccine rollout, but with the recent inclusion of seniors ages 75 and older, marketplace watchdogs are already starting to see scammers take advantage of the new waitlist system.

The BBB is reminding residents the only official way to get a vaccine right now is to put yourself on a waiting list and, well – wait!

North Alabama BBB’s Elizabeth Garcia says scams can happen to anyone, and with technology these days, scammers are good at faking legitimacy.

She adds that the BBB of North Alabama has already received calls about these scams in the area. Garcia said callers are being told by scammers that they can pay to move themselves ahead on waitlists.

She says these scams are most common by phone or email and can be easily disguised as a request from an official organization.

Garcia says it will take time to get through this process and more scams are likely to cross the paths of north Alabama residents the longer these vaccines are offered. But if you’re careful, you can avoid becoming a victim.

If you do find yourself being targeted by scammers, immediately reach out to the Better Business Bureau online or by calling (256) 850-0719 so they can work to shut that operation down.

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