BBB warning of stimulus check scams


As many people receive their stimulus payments from the government, many are still waiting for that check or the money to show up in their bank accounts.

For the most part, to receive your stimulus payment you don’t need to do anything – that’s if you filed your taxes and your information is up to date. If you’re eagerly waiting for your money, the Better Business Bureau is reminding people to only use the government website when checking the status of your payment.

“Red flags, 100 percent scams, if you receive a text message from anybody claiming to be the government,” said Julia Cherry. “If you receive a phone call claiming to be somebody with the government, if you get a message on any social media platform that claims to be with the government, or if it’s a friend of yours saying they can help you get your stimulus payment today all of those are 100 percent a scam.”

Here’s what you should do if you are waiting and want to know the status. Go to the IRS website, under Economic Impact Payments, you will find a place that says Get My Payment.

Here you can check your payment status, confirm your payment type – direct deposit or check – and enter your bank account information for direct deposit if they don’t have it and the money hasn’t been sent yet.

Another suggestion from the BBB: If a friend on social media contacts you about getting your payment faster, do not respond and let them know about it – Cherry says it’s likely they have been hacked.

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