Bar owners thankful for end of 11 p.m. sale curfew, concerned about reduced capacity as winter season approaches


The pandemic has left many restaurant and bar owners thinking of ways to maximize profit while still abiding by current restrictions.

The Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board met this week and decided to end the 11 p.m. curfew enforced on bars and restaurants since July.

While it is a blessing to bar owners and operators, not every owner has the luxury for long.

With the current rules of social distancing in place, bars are still limited to 50 percent capacity and social distancing enforcement.

This could be a problem for owners like Mark Komara, whose bar consists of a small interior and massive patio.

Once temperatures begin to cool, he’s worried times will be tough once again.

“I’m going to save my money, because come wintertime, if these restrictions are still on us, I have a small place inside, and it’s going to be real tough for us. So, hopefully, we get through it.”

He says the best case would be the state loosening the restrictions before he’s forced to move his customers inside.

Until then, Komara and other bar owners like him will be trying to bring as much revenue as they can, while they can still maximize their entire bar space.

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