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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — As the school year is about to be underway, Huntsville Police Dept. is issuing a reminder about its zero-tolerance policy for speeding in a school zone.

Officers will patrol school zones throughout the year to ensure drivers are following the posted speed limit.

“Everyone should prepare for delays when the school zones reactivate at the start of school,” Deputy Chief Charles Brooks said in a press release.

“Alternate routes to avoid school zones may be affected as well with heavier traffic. Please allow yourself extra time to ensure you arrive to your destination safely and on time.” Brooks said.

Other school safety reminders:

  • In both directions of travel, drivers are required to stop for school buses when signs are extended. This law applies to public roads, private streets, school campuses, and parking lots.
  • Drivers should also watch out for the more than 70 safety aids who will be directing traffic within the school zones.
  • Be aware of students who may bike or walk to school.

“Many students walk and bike to school,” Officer David Broom said in a press release. Broom also said they are asking parents to remind their children who may bike or walk to school, to stay on the designated pathways to get to school.

One of the officers on the HPD Traffic Task Force, Officer Jeremy Woods, says everyone on the unit is assigned two school zones a day to monitor.

“It’s more than just speeding,” said Officer Woods. “We look for people who aren’t paying attention, you know, because we’ve got kids crossing the street. We have school crossing guards that work in the intersections so there’s a lot of people that are out there that can be affected by someone speeding or someone on their phone, not paying attention.”

Officer Woods says the safety of students and school buses is the top priority.

Anyone with concerns about a driver’s behavior can contact Huntsville Police at (256)-722-7100. Be prepared to give dispatchers the location, vehicle description, and direction of travel.