Russellville parent supports superintendent’s decision to offer both traditional and remote learning

Back to School 2020

RUSSELLVILLE, Ala. — The 2020-2021 school year is getting closer each day and school systems across Alabama are releasing their reopening plans.

Some systems have announced a complete virtual return while others are sticking with giving parents a choice between traditional in-person learning and remote options.

In northwest Alabama, both the Colbert County and Russellville City School systems were included in a joint statement saying that the return to in-person learning is the best option for them at this time.

Alana Parker is a mother of three in the Russellville system. She’s choosing the traditional option.

“I think that the school system is doing everything they can to meet the needs of everybody where they are,” Parker said. “It’s such a personal decision about whether or not you’d want your child in a classroom or to learn virtually.”

Both Alana and her husband work full-time, so having their children in school cuts the need for child care.

“I think that by offering both, they’re showing great flexibility and understanding of the community,” Parker said.

Russellville’s reopening plan lists sanitation procedures to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Parker has a personal reason to trust the process.

“My aunt is actually a custodian at one of the elementary schools and I know how hard she’s worked all summer and all of the other custodians—they have an amazing team there that really cares about all the children and takes this very seriously,” Parker said.

Plans made during the pandemic are subject to change, but Parker said being a mother has prepared her for it.

“With three kids, we take it day by day anyway,” she said.

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