Cyber school will offer many new experiences for students

Back to School 2020

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – With Huntsville’s history of engineering, it seemed only fitting that a state technological high school be opened up in the area.  

The Alabama School of Cyber Technology and Engineering will finally open its doors on August 17, 2020 to its first set of students this fall.  

ASCTE is the state’s third public, tuition-free Magnet school and will be opting for in-person learning, rather than the all virtual learning like other public schools in Madison County.  

ASCTE’S president Matt Massey says that the school is taking all the necessary safety precautions and are even working with local health groups to do so.  

“We’re working with the local health professionals, local pediatric groups, Huntsville Pediatric Group advised us and our partners and of course following the CDC guidelines and the Alabama Department of Health to make sure that we are providing the safest environment possible,” Massey said.  

Keeping students socially distant and will be relatively possible, since all students will be in designated teams and with the same students all day.  

Massey said, “We will be able to kind of isolate those students within their team and spread them out appropriately. But you are also starting a new school and you want students to get to know each other too, so you’re trying to find that balance.” 

Because ASCTE’S new building is not yet finished, students will live and learn at an interim facility, thanks to one of their partners, Oakwood University.  

Oakwood is already used to having younger students on campus, so the university only seemed fitting to house the students, during this transition period.  

“We’ll have our own little section, our own little building, our own living quarters. So, while it won’t necessarily be a college experience for these students, it will be a unique one because half of our students will be boarding,” Massey said.  

The president also added that he was, “not only excited for the learning that will be going on in the classroom, but outside of it as well.” 

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