Athens dance studio brightening lives amid COIVD-19 pandemic


ATHENS, Ala. – Due to cautions and restrictions in place from COVID-19, many assisted living facilities and nursing homes are not allowing visitors in hopes to slow the spread of the virus and protect our most vulnerable population.

Sometimes, it’s the little things in life that help us through tough times.

“I feel like this generation is used to handwritten letters, and they mean a lot to people,” said Kelly Nave, owner of Kelly’s Studio of Dance in Athens.

It’s especially important when the time they usually get with is taken away due to isolation for the coronavirus. So she took it upon herself to help brighten the spirits of those living in aged care facilities in Athens.

“My challenge to the whole studio was let’s do something right, let’s write letters,” said Nave.

Nave challenged the children in her dance studio to use their time in isolation to do good in the community.

“Just to let them know that we’re thinking about them, praying for them,” she explained.

Many of the letters went to Limestone Lodge. The staff there said when they gave the letters to the residents, they were thrilled.

“Some of them are very excited because a lot of them are glad to get them, they are really glad to get them,” said Diane Long, Activity Director at Limestone Lodge.

“I know it takes away the loneliness, I know it does, so much as we can,” said Long. “But it takes away the loneliness, and I enjoy reading them myself because some of them are from little children. Can you imagine that a little child takes the time out to write a letter? We know this letter’s from a little child, I think that is wonderful.”

Since Nave started this initiative, churches and other teachers have reached out to get involved in writing letters. If you would like to help, reach out to her via the dance studio’s Facebook page.

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