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NORTHWEST ARKANSAS (KNWA/KFTA) — A 10-year-old boy battling cancer and the coronavirus has beaten the odds.

Riley Duckworth is now a COVID-19 survivor and is back to getting his cancer treatments.


Riley was diagnosed with leukemia a few months ago and was recently diagnosed with COVID-19. He and his dad, Jeremy Duckworth, had to quarantine at Arkansas Children’s Northwest in Springdale.

The coronavirus diagnosis put Riley’s chemotherapy treatments on hold. After beating the virus, he was able to go home for a while.

“We had a fire and we played croquet,” Riley said.


Now Riley is back in the hospital. He started his chemotherapy on April 28.

He and his mom, Michelle Duckworth, have to stay there for the whole rehabilitation process.

“We thought we were going to be in here seven days, but now we’re going to be in here for like a month or so,” she said.


Riley’s been through a lot, but his positive attitude and creativity keep him going. “The secret is to watch TV, ” he said.

Riley also showed off a project he did. “It’s a sword, and we did it with hot glue, scissors and cardboard,” Riley said. “I’m gonna get more thicker cardboard for this so it’ll be more bigger and more better.”

Riley has been wanting to go camping, but though that dream has not yet been fulfilled, he’s got his sights set on something even bigger.

Through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Riley has chosen to go to Disneyland.

He said he is looking forward to doing both once he gets out of the hospital.