Albertville senior living facility staff, residents receive first dose of COVID-19 vaccine


ALBERTVILLE, Ala. – One Albertville senior living facility is working to protect its residents and staff by administering the first round of the COVID-19 vaccinations Wednesday.

Bridgewood Gardens resident Tom Carnes told News 19 he has been anxious to get the vaccine so things can somewhat get back to normal.

Staff at the center are also looking forward to the future post coronavirus.

“When this started in March of last year, we never thought it would still be going on at this time this year, so we’re super excited to get things opened back up and get to a normal whatever that might be,” said executive director Pat Roberts.

“I bought me a new car in February and they closed us down in March so I couldn’t drive it for four months,” laughed Carnes.

Carnes, who has lived at Bridgewood Gardens for around four years, was one of the first at the center to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

“I think everybody that’s eligible should get it. If we got a pandemic, let’s work it down as fast as we can,” added Carnes.

Carnes said he personally knows the impact COVID-19 is having on the senior population, especially after a friend of his died of it Tuesday.

“She had gotten so bad the ventilator damaged her throat and they did a tracheotomy and then she just couldn’t survive,” explained Carnes. 

Roberts told News 19 that 12 residents here have tested positive for COVID-19 since the outbreak began last year.

“We feel as if we’ve taken all the proper precautions to help with keeping this pandemic down, but this will be an extra measure for our residents and maybe be able to open some things a lot sooner than what we could before,” said Roberts.

She said employees do temperature checks, wear masks, and even Lysol their shoes before entering the facility.

She said the second round of the vaccinations will be given on February 17.

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