Alabama to waive employer charges for COVID-19 related unemployment claims; urging employers to file claims on employees’ behalf


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MONTGOMERY, Ala. – The Alabama Department of Labor has temporarily ordered that relief be offered to employers whose employees must file unemployment compensation claims for weeks filed due to COVID-19 related issues. 

All charges will be waived against those employers who file partial unemployment compensation claims on behalf of their employees until further notice. ADOL is encouraging all employers who can file on their employees’ behalf to do so.

This waiver means that employers’ experience ratings will NOT be affected by COVID-19 related claims.

“We hope that this additional relief to employers will help ease the burden so many of us are facing during this unprecedented situation,” said Washington. “We are encouraging all employers that are able to file these partial claims on behalf of their employees.”

Employers will need to answer YES when asked if the claim is COVID-19 related when they file partial unemployment claims beginning on Monday, March 23, 2020.  Any claims filed during this week (March 16 – March 20) will be addressed on a one-by-one basis. 

For employers who can’t file partial claims on their employees’ behalf, ADOL recommends that they notify the agency that they waive their right to respond to any Request for Separation information.

Both measures will expedite the processing of their employees’ unemployment compensation claims.

Unemployment benefits are paid with contributions from employers.  Employees do not pay any portion of unemployment insurance taxes.

These rules are subject to change.

For more information about partial claims and how to file them click here:

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