ADPH rolls out vaccination provider map alongside phase 1B vaccines


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Scheduling a COVID-19 vaccination has been a problem of its own, with phone lines jammed for hours. But the Alabama Department of Public Health has created an online map of vaccination sites, other than hospitals, that have been selected to administer the vaccine.

The aim is to simplify the process when more groups qualify to receive them.

But ADPH says the state’s allocation is small, so many of those locations don’t have vaccine on hand.

Last week Operation Warp Speed leaders, charged with vaccine distribution, expressed confidence they have the ability to get vaccines to communities.

But ADPH says contrary to warp speed officials claims, it does not see enough vaccines rolling into Alabama. “Supply is an issue. Numbers of providers is an issue as well. But at the same time, solutions are what we are about,” said Madison County Health Officer and ADPH spokesperson Dr. Karen Landers

The state’s population is about 4.9 million. To date, 148,685 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been administered in Alabama. And only about 380,000 of Alabama’s allocated 640,150 vaccine doses have been delivered.

ADPH said while hospitals in a few areas have begun vaccinating other groups, most hospitals are still working to vaccinate their own staff.

The state health department plans to add data about hospital vaccine availability when it becomes available for additional groups.

The Huntsville-area COVID-19 briefing is set for Tuesday rather than Wednesday this week. That is expected to produce an update on where local vaccination plans stand and we’ll keep you updated.

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