Controversial flag continues waving in Geraldine


GERALDINE, Ala.- A flag with an expletive political message on it is causing a stir in DeKalb County.

The large flag which references President Joe Biden and those who voted for him has been up for two to three weeks.

It is flying on a radio tower on private property near town park right next to the Geraldine High School baseball field.

Mayor Chuck Ables told News 19 while it does cast the town in a bad light and is offensive to some, offensive is an opinion and there is not much the town can do to have it removed.

“When I took office as Mayor, I took an oath to support the constitution of the United States and Alabama and uphold the ordinance to the town. It does not violate any of those, so even though it’s offensive to some people, there’s not really anything for the town to do about it,” Ables said.

Ables said their attorney has looked into seeing if there is any way to bring it down.

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