Consul General of Mexico visits Huntsville, explains how immigration is changing

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala – President Trump says his administration will soon start deporting thousands of undocumented people living in ten major cities after delaying action last month.  The announcement comes amid growing tensions over migrant treatment at the border.

One of Mexico’s Consul generals visited Huntsville earlier this week. He explained what Mexico is doing to discuss immigration and if Mexico plans to help fund the US border wall.

Consul General Javier Diaz de Leon says immigration has changed in Mexico.

“We aren’t talking about any more Mexican migrants coming to the United States. Mexico has become a transit country,” Consul General Diaz said. “More and more a destination country of migrants from some of our brothers and sisters from Central America, so that means that we have institutional challenges in our country and how do we deal with this new situation,”

He says one way they’re dealing with it –  establishing an enforcement presence at the southern border.

“We’re not doing that because of some other countries asking us to do it we’re doing that because that’s what the Mexican population wants,” he said.

He says Mexico is making it a priority to keep families together.

“Our concern is of course, and will be very strong about it is in terms of enforcing our immigration laws, but trying always to keep families together, trying to always keep human decency forefront, and to always keep Mexico as a place where people who are fleeing persecution or fleeing crime that they can find refuge in Mexico,” he said.

In the US it’s a politically charged issue. The Department of Homeland Security’s inspector general released a report this week citing poor conditions in detention facilities and children with no access to showers and hot meals.

“Those reports in Texas those are a concern, but I’m sure that the United States authorities will take all measures that are needed to make sure that the young people who are under their supervision and care have the proper care,” he said.

Consul Diaz says Mexico wants to work with the US to discuss immigration issues – it has no plans to pay for a border wall.

“Building of any infrastructure project that happens in the United States, that’s an issue for Americans to decide so Americans will decide whether they want to transfer resources for building a bridge or building border infrastructure or anything like that. Mexico is respectful of the united states, but Mexico will not pay for infrastructure in the United States,” he said.

He says countries in Central America are in need of infrastructure and economic development. He believes those improvements could help ease the conditions migrants are facing in their home countries.

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