Construction wraps up at the Dug Hill Road and Highway 72 intersection

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – After September 19th, changes to a dangerous intersection in Madison County will be complete.

The intersection of Dug Hill Road and Highway 72 east has been a nightmare for drivers for years and after construction wraps up, drivers leaving this intersection will have to turn right and if they need to head westbound they can make a U-turn just up the road.

Work to finish the project will begin at 9:00 a.m. Thursday morning. The goal of the road project is to keep drivers safe.

ALDOT began work on the restricted crossing u-turn or RCUT intersection in July. It’s expected to cost $350,000 and all of that money is coming from state funds.

Many people urged officials to consider a traffic signal but ALDOT believes that would actually cause more damage. They did a study and found the RCUT to be the best solution.

An RCUT intersection restricts crossing and left turns from the side street. Instead of crossing traffic or turning left, motorists make a right turn followed at a safe distance by a U-turn.

Westbound drivers who need to make a left hand turn onto Dug Hill Road will still be able to.

While they are completing this last stage of work, drivers will be temporarily unable to make left turns from all directions that way workers can get it done safely.

There were two deadly wrecks at the intersection recently and drivers wanted a change.

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