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MADISON, Ala. — The progress of construction at Town Madison slowed by two roadblocks: the COVID-19 pandemic and serious delays in opening ramps off I-565. Developers say connectivity and easy access to the interstate are crucial to bringing in businesses and now the final piece of the interchange puzzle may be on the way.

The ramp that connects eastbound lanes of I-565 to Town Madison opened in April, just in time for the first pitch of Trash Pandas baseball. But there’s no exact timeline yet for the interstate flyovers to connect town Madison to westbound traffic on I-565.

Despite delays, Breland Companies President Joey Ceci says Town Madison’s Exchange District near Toyota Field will be completed in about a year and a half.

“The assignment with baseball has really helped feed the project also the opening of the first phase of the ramps so really finally starting to take off here at Town Madison,” says Breland Companies President Joey Ceci.

Ceci says Town Madison should start the 2022 baseball season with 12 open restaurants and end the season with 18 to 20 restaurants.

“You’re going to start seeing here probably in 30 days, the first restaurant open. And then pretty much every 30 days after that another restaurant, another restaurant, another restaurant. We have 10 currently under construction and another 10 that have been announced or will soon be announced,” says Ceci.

Madison Mayor Paul Finley says some businesses might have been holding out on coming to Town Madison until the interstate ramps opened.

“So many of the organizations now that they know there is better access have signed up and come and we are seeing that through our planning commission,” says Mayor Paul Finley.

Now, crews just have to finish construction on one other connection to I-565, the interstate flyovers.

“Within the next two weeks we’ll have a work session where we bring to council our game plan in working with the Town Madison team on how we are going to fund those final pieces of the flyovers and once you have those in place it explodes in the way we thought it would,” says Mayor Finely.

And Ceci says he thinks there will be progress on the flyovers before the end of 2021.

“Groundbreaking and under construction and those will take about 13 months to build so they wont be ready for season two but they will be here for season three,” says Ceci.